The perfect understanding


“A perfect understanding” were the very words used by Ucima President Giovanni Caffarelli and the President of Rimini Fiera SpA Lorenzo Cagnoni in presenting the new packaging and processing technology fair Packology, scheduled at Rimini from 8th to 11th June 2010.

No point in denying it, the news is bound to make a noise, given the importance and the determination of the actors that, as of today, openly face each other in the field and - in our opinion - for the potential effects on the level of the image of our “packaging system” worldwide when it comes down to it.

Cagnoni realizes this well when he states «We are aware of the difficulties that we shall encounter, both due to the highly critical economic situation and because we are inserting ourselves in a competitive context, featuring the consolidated presence of other sector trade fair events. All the same, what counts for us are the reasons of the “true”, unassisted market, that does not reward advantageous positions… And indeed it is up to us to prove we are capable of grasping opportunities and, with due precaution, of investing in growth: in the case of Packology, Ucima wishes to create a fair product tailored to the needs and demands of the packaging industry, and our readiness to consolidate an offer of exhibitions already strong in the tourist and mechanical engineering sector meets up on a factual level. Thus - Cagnoni specifies - we have established a “perfect” partnership on an equal basis, where the two partners reciprocally agree to pool their specific skills and knowhow. Ucima (the actual brand owner) is called upon to experiment an activity new to the association, or that is commercial promotion towards both its associates as well as external industrial concerns. Its involvement will obviously be decisive in choosing the qualitative horizons of the event, to which Rimini Fiera will also contribute to a greater extent, given its skill and experience in hosting big industrial mechanical engineering fairs. On the practical level Rimini Fiera has the task of managing the purely organizational side of things».

The event - that the organizers estimate will fill 8 halls covering an overall 60,000 sq m gross of floorspace - will host packaging and processing machines, packaging material, labeling-, coding and marking system, accessories and components, but also technologies associated with logistics

Hence it targets a broad basin of professional operators, interested in packaging technology transversal to all industrial sectors: from food to consumer goods, from beverage to domestic detergency to the cosmetic-pharmaceutical industry.

As Caffarelli has underlined, Packology marks a historic moment for the association, that thus witnesses the realisation of one of its most ambitious projects.

«A fair was needed with objectives known, shared and determined by our associates. In our intentions, the new fair should bear witness to the entrepreneurial dynamism of the sector, that constitutes the flagship of “Made in Italy” on the international  market, and become the home of the entire industrial packaging system, both Italian and not. A home that is welcoming in that Rimini Fiere has 50 years of organizational experience to its credit and, being able to rely on a modern and functional fair quarter, has experienced an intense growth up to becoming the third Italian trade fair pole seen in terms of turnover. And convenient, for two basic reasons: first and foremost because of the positive mix of fair facilities, services and logistics located in the Rimini district, an area famed for its receptive vocation. Secondly, because the intent is to offer a cost conscious, efficacious “fair product”. Lastly, fielding the good relations we enjoy with German and American machine builders, we count on reaching agreements encouraging their full participation in the same, thus underlining the international character of the event. And, aboveall, due to its scheduling, we count on Packology to all effects and purposes being the fair of the recovery».



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