Talking people (Beware of those who remain silent!)

(June 2010)

Change at the top of the Istituto Italiano Imballaggio in the name of continuity. In occasion of the general assembly held in Milan May 25th, after four years as president, Vermondo Busnelli, who proudly leaves behind a balance of full achievement, hands over to Angelo Gerosa.

The institute has in fact grown in terms of image, confirming itself as a benchmark for the sector thanks to a specific strategy of valorizing the packaging culture, internal competencies and the resources of the base of associates.

Following this route Busnelli has in fact also constructed a new way of looking at entrepreneurship in our sector, more open to discussion and cooperation and more communication sensitive.

Particularly significant on this count - as Busnelli convincedly reiterated - is the CAST project that has enabled the consolidation of relations with the ISS, the Italian National Institute for Health, competent authority on the subject of food contact material.

The news is that the CAST project - that (not to be taken for granted) has involved the packaging materials and technology producers but also the food user associations and that has led to the publication of the Guidelines for the application of Regulation 2023/2006/EC - will carry on in the future.

Busnelli, convinced of the fact that «today is the time to cooperate if you want to compete» at the very termination of his mandate has signed a new agreement to start up phase 2, that will lead industry and the institutions to discuss and tackle another theme that cuts right across the packaging sector: the supporting documentation for the declaration of conformity.

Highly ambitious too the project of information and communication on the significance of packaging that the Istituto has scheduled and that consists in carrying out studies and research to highlight the functions and values of the same.

A prime example is the quali-quantitative study entrusted to Renato Mannheimer’s Ispo, delivered in occasion of the assembly with his customary vivaciousness by the wellknown sociologist in person. With figures that sound encouraging for sector operators, like for example the fact that “packaging is fairly positively perceived, in that Italian consumers acknowledge a functionality and necessity that make it a fundamental part of the selfsame product”.

On top of that Mannheimer highlighted the critical areas, mostly associated with environmental aspects, which - he said - dare not to be overlooked, where one can and indeed must intervene to provide correct, fair information.

In brief, reading between the lines of the Ispo study, packaging appears to be perceived as a complex, at times contradictory subject, but at any rate quite differently from the image all too often returned, due to ignorance or bad faith, by the mass media.

The lines of development of the Istituto appear clear and newly elected president Gerosa has clearly shown his will to carry on the work started, enthusiastically reiterating: «I would indeed like - on the count of the objective of obtaining media visibility Ed - the trade associations represented by the Istituto to join us in attaining the shared objective of supporting packaging as an element for the growth of our culture. By pooling our economic resources we could start up even more ambitious projects in this field».

Clear his ideas too on the technical role, that over the latter years has enjoyed considerable development:«I see the Istituto as a neutral field where packaging producers and users can discuss technical problems and establish guidelines of common accord in the interests of all parties».

Gerosa has so concluded his inauguration address: «My dream is that of an Institute that has great visibility, that is recognised as a source of knowledge for everything regarding the world of packaging, and that is the natural interlocutor of those who write or speak on packaging-related topics in the mass media».

All the best, president: at times dreams become reality, provided you are prepared to fight and provided you have a bit of luck.



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