Quality without compromise

PACK WITH PC CONTROL Appreciated all over the world, Multivac’s thermoforming-, heat sealing and hood machines are the result of painstaking design work. Their excellent performance is also due to the componentry used, such as Beckhoff’s PC-based controls

The packaging machines manufactured by Multivac (Wolfertschwenden, D) are known for their efficiency, robustness and reliability: a result this obtained by demanding uncompromising quality in every phase of the development and production.

One single platform

PLC, MOTION AND…. OTHER VALUES Called Sysmac and using a single controller via a single connection and a single software, this new platform for machine automation, developed within Omron drawing on state-of-the-art technology and "open" development concept hardware and software. The main achievements attained: ease of programming and max response speed. L.G.

High performance or flexible?

AUTOMATED MACHINERY Either high performance or flexibility, or vice-versa… Often packaging systems and machinery builders have to shed this concern and ultimately design the optimal solution for safeguarding both characteristics. A flying example of this is offered by the systems of TMC - the Tissue Machinery Company - developed in collaboration with WITTENSTEIN, which took care of some of the motion control issues involved.

TMC - the Tissue Machinery Company - was founded in the Italian Packaging Valley in 1997 with a clear specialization: designing and building integrated installations and machinery for packaging and managing tissue products (toilet paper and kitchen rolls). For a certain period, catering to certain market demands, the concern also dedicated itself to the construction of wrapping machines for folded products (paper napkins, for example), later ceding this business to an American integrator.

An experience to be repeated

B&R explains the reasons that sustained the success of the first Italian edition of SPS/IPC/Drives and interest aroused by proposals presented at Parma by the Austrian multinational. Starting from the drive solutions that facilitate the design and management of modular machines.

Although it was hoped for and expected, the success of the Italian edition of SPS/IPC/Drives was a surprise for everyone: the Parma fair registered an attendance beyond all expectations and aroused the near unanimous satisfaction of the exhibitors.

From automation to autonomy

CLOSER LOOKS A technologies showcase and a time for encounters and professional updates, the first edition of SPS/IPC/DRIVES Italia provided information and ideas on the orientations of R&D in the world of industrial automation. Below are some of the things to come out of the meetings and a review of products seen at the stands.

“Smart” machinery and installations, that is to say increasingly autonomous and capable of auto-adjusting, while at the same time “ecological” and with low consumption.

A story of green machinery

Creating a “green machine” means thinking, already in the design phase, of a different approach to energy efficiency. That’s what Schneider Electric and ACMA (Coesia group) have done, collaborating to develop the SP2-NG “Green Series” flow pack, which utilizes advanced automations and control functions in the spirit of energy conservation, operational efficiency and waste reduction.

An appropriate design approach and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies enable machine manufacturers to contribute significantly to sustainability initiatives, which are being implemented with increasing commitment by manufacturers. In this sense, advanced automation and control functions offer numerous possibilities for optimizing energy efficiency and reducing waste, and it is for this very reason that they should be carefully considered.

Open to all and everything

Founded in 1979 by two engineers in a small country village, two rooms behind a bank, today it is guided by the selfsame partners, in the same place can boast a “dream” factory covering 80.000 sqm. A private company, though that counts 2,300 employees in 68 countries (22 branches and 162 offices) and a turnover of 360 million euro.It is one of the global players in the automation sector, with 130,000 control systems, 100,000 industrial systems, 120,000 drives systems, 1 million I/O modules sold in 2010, all the same it continues to develop and produce all its components inhouse and believe in the need for global open standards.

Equipped for the future

The Schneider Electric Packaging Division sets new standards in automation.

The Schneider Electric Packaging Division is gradually introducing PacDrive 3, which is the successor of PacDrive M, that continues to be one of the world’s most powerful automation solutions. PacDrive 3 incorporates fully Ethernet-based communication using Sercos III as well as a new software development environment to further reduce engineering time.

Solution:ing, or...

... how to turn research results into successful products. Festo consolidates its position, focusing on speed (prototyping, manufacturing and service) to reduce time to market for its highly customized electrical and pneumatic components.

Ever shorter business cycles - according to Eberhard Veit, chairman of the board of Festo AG - impose a much greater responsiveness than ever before. «Only he who is able to satisfy the needs of customers with quick and personalized solutions has the best chance of winning new market shares».
Festo’s figures in this regard are evidence that this approach permeates their entire organization: in the first half of 2010, not only did Festo achieve a substantial increase in sales (30%) over the same period 2009, but in Asia and America it recorded the highest number of orders in its history.
Key to Festo’s success still obviously lies in it’s cutting edge R&D (to which it reserves to 9.5% of total turnover), but also its ability to leverage tools such as rapid manufacturing applied in the Festo Fast Factory.

Convergence of technologies

From PC and EtherCAT based automation solutions, with particular attention to the automation software TwinCAT 3, to condition monitoring, to safety solutions for the IP67 world, not to mention the new EL7201 EtherCAT servoterminals. Beckhoff Automation Srl will be presenting a diversified offer full of new features at SPS/IPC Drives Italia.

«Despite the impasse in which the Italian trade fairs dedicated to automation find themselves in - Pierluigi Olivari, managing director of Beckhoff Automation Srl, states - the market has felt the need for a specialised event strong in contents. Beckhoff has therefore welcomed the decision to "import" to Italy a successful event the standing of SPS/IPC Drives, born in Nuremberg. Beckhoff believes so much in this opportunity, to join the Advisorty Panel, along with other prominent names of automation, supporting Messe Frankfurt.

A robot for quality

INTEGRATED OFFER Omron launches a line of scara robots, specially devised to carry out picking operations in industrial environments, even in harsh situations. Testimonies by Artsana and Illycaffè. E.P.

In Italy too, where the company has been working for thirty years with a polycentric structure, well rooted in the territory, Omron is now offering a line of Yamaha scara robot marketed exclusively and with their own brands throughout Europe, which also provides assistance to all user countries.

Made in Far the East, but its heart is German

AUTOMATION Conceived in Germany, built in Thailand, automated by a German solution partner with the support of colleagues in Thailand and China. Genesis and reality of a tubefilling machine that "speaks" many languages but which has only one objective: production efficiency. The protagonists of the story: OYSTAR IWK and Schneider Electric.

Watchword: integrate

THINK DIFFERENT From the wired-up monofunctional blocks of the '60s to the framework for industrial automation that can bring together all the tools of automation applications in a single development environment... Following the trajectory of "exponential" growth of the very concept of automation, Siemens today launches its Totally Integrated Automation Portal, the engineering platform that offers a “cooperative” development environment to facilitate the interchange of coherent data.

What is defined the TIA Portal (short for Totally Integrated Automation Portal) is the result of a complex and careful development made by the Siemens Industry Automation Division that, in fact, has launched a "different” project. Different firstly because it subverts the cultural habit that saw the software packages of the German concern as "hardware oriented". Secondly, because TIA Portal (which substantially extends and completes the TIA concept conceived a few years ago) becomes the "engine" of a new way of understanding the programming and management of automation, controls and drives, aiming at full integration of information.

In name of the new

Electric 80 today provides turnkey automated solutions for running end-of-line, warehouse logistics and shipping (integrated by a WMS -warehouse management system). Among the latest products developed, we cite the Dragon robot that, flexible and high speed, has no layer preparation limits. It is suited to all production sectors and for 4th generation CB series LGVs that can work with great accuracy up to a height of 11m in total safety. Devised in 1994 Freeway® was in turn the first totally integrated robotised system for palletisation and handling on the ground using laser guided vehicles, complete with a labeling, product traceability and monitoring system via PC.

«Over the last few years, the turnover of Electric 80 has increased by double digits. And figures do not lie: not only did we close 2010 with a turnover of 71 million euro, but we have already entirely clinched that for 2011 (95 million euro).

Pitching in and playing the stakes

Cama is growing, and growing well. It shows in the data and balance sheet of this private concern, which can boast a “family heart”, while its managers, depots and suppliers represent important parts of a well-oiled machine.

Daniele and Annalisa Bellante are a pair of second-generation business owners: enthusiastic, tenacious and capable, they have made a fortune of their inheritance (the ideas of a brilliant father who was perhaps ahead of his time), while at the same time breaking some of the rules. And, never taking anything for granted, they have led Cama’s growth, consolidating it in terms of technology and finances in addition to scale.

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