Brazil: the New World

Following through on a strategy of delocalizing its production and commercial activities, Etipack “disembarks” firmly in Brazil and founds Etipack America.

The prospect of a better life drove this generation of Italians’ grandparents, one hundred years ago, to seek their fortune in South America, particularly Argentina and Brazil. Today the statistics paint a picture of São Paulo as the world’s biggest “Italian” city; in fact, this place, which offers incredible opportunities for work, is home to nearly 5 million Italian citizens, and Italian entrepreneurs, politicians, teachers and artists have operated for years in Brazil.


Confirming a relentless commitment to R&D, Eurolabel has recently presented an anti-counterfeiting system, a label made of wood, a striking iridescent laminate.

The anti-counterfeiting system of which Eurolabel is the exclusive distributor in Italy is called Original Check, and it is a unique code, created through a patented process, totally random and non-reproduceable, not assisted by computer or numerical control machines. For this reason, as opposed to the majority of anti-counterfeiting techniques, which are based on serial methods, Original Check cannot be replicated, even by the same entity that produced it.

Marking many true novelties

HE WHO SEEKS FINDS By investing in R&D with clear intentions and adequate resources, Zanasi has “found” a inkjet marking system for non-absorbent surfaces. The concern held its global debut preview at Interpack, along with high performance inks and new machine+software systems which…

The inkjet marking system launched by Zanasi at Interpack has many noteworthy characteristics, but the main one - the concern points out - is the capacity for reproducing the various types of text, barcode, expiring dates, logo, etc. on non-absorbent surfaces, opening new doors in the use of packaging as a means of communication.

Specialized and complete

Etipack’s product illustrations at Interpack a full success; among the strongpoints of the Italian constructor, its “faithfulness” to its traditional core business of labeling and the specific update of its systems dedicated to pharmaceuticals.

Specialized and complete
Advanced design criteria and maximum operational reliability are at the basis of labeling and coding solutions developed over time by Etipack. At Interpack the focus was on labeling systems for the pharmaceutical industry, starting with Pharmatrace.
Designed to comply with recent laws on traceability, Pharmatrace ink-jet codes directly on cardboard boxes and checks the Datamatrix and label information via a vision system, storing the same in a separate database (an optional labeling machine can be added to apply the pharmaceutical stamp). Speeds can reach 300 cases overprinted, labeled and checked a minute. Interest was also aroused by Sistema 9, the automatic labeling system designed to handle cards, envelopes, folders, flat boxes, tissues collected automatically by a loading hopper and transported horizontally on a vacuum conveyor system. Available in the alternate or continuous version the system can be connected up to sheet pickers, labeling and printing units to deploy, label and print products.

EPC/RFId for textiles

The Indicod-Ecr Lab* continues to experiment with the EPC/RFId technology in the non food sector. And, thanks to the excellent results obtained in European GS1 laboratories regarding the application of radio frequency tags in the textile sector, the company is developing an integrated RFId project with children's clothes manufacturer Miniconf.

More control of the sample collection, brand protection and optimization of logistics processes. These are just some of the benefits obtained by the application of radio frequency tags in the textile sector.
The pilot project is being launched in the works of Miniconf based at Ortignano Raggiolo (AR) and will focus on the flow of sample collection garments from the factories (approximately 80,000 RFId traceable items), but the intention is to reach a flow of 8 million items in the next few years. The aim is to optimize the internal logistics processes and track the flow of each single sample collection item: via the implementation of new infrastructure with antennas and radio frequency readers the entire flow of the sample collections will in fact be controllable.

Laser diecutting: new feature

Dedicated to the latest version of Label Master - a new digital die cutting and finishing system for the production of labels and packaging - the first open house of Sei Laser Converting (Curno, BG) took place 27th and 28th January at the new Sei Laser Group demo facilities. Inaugurated for the occasion and featuring over 500 square meters dedicated to the company’s cutting and laser marking systems,


P.E. LABELLERS was present in Paris with a big stand and many machines «to offer visibility and support to our longstanding and valiant French distributor Omne France», Mantua area manager Piermario Zuccati declared, also adding: «Indeed Emballage is a landmark for French speaking markets, including the Maghreb, that are evermore active. Demand is picking up again, and this was confirmed by the fair».

A good fair

As everyone knows, in 2009 many investment projects were suspended waiting to see “how things would end up”, and coding was no exception, where the slowdown aboveall affected new digital and inkjet technologies. Hence it is no surprise that the recovery that started up in 2010 aboveall affected inkjet, drawn by the popularity of datamatrix and, more in general, by the development of applications associated with communication on packaging: for traceability, the customisation of packaging and PLV associated with the single salespoint, the actions of direct marketing (“your photo on the products”).

RFID award

LOGISTICS; TRACEABILITY AND OTHER Promote skillship in RFID information management: This the intent of the RFID Italia Award, highlighting the technology content and the added value of projects admitted to the competition. The winners of the 2010 edition.

The third edition RFID Italia Award ended last June 23rd in Rome, the winners received their awards as part of the Italian RFID Summit. Organized by Media Loft Publishing, the competition aims at highlighting companies, research institutions, and governments that use radio frequency technology to improve processes, products and relations. In a very short time the award has established itself as a major event, capable of catalyzing the intelligence of the sector: this year's competition was hosted by the La Sapienza Rome University RFID Unit, chaired by coordinator Carlo Maria Medaglia and supported by the participation of the major national academic units: the Lab#Id of Carlo Cattaneo University-LIUC, the RFID Solutions Center of the Milan Polytechnic, the Wireless and RFID Unit of the University of Messina, the Parma University RFID Unit, the Leml Unit of the University of Salento, WISE - Wireless Identification and Sensing Unit - of the University of Genoa and the Pattern Recognition and Applications Unit of the University of Cagliari.

Invest, work, hope…

The complex present and the future to be, the investments in technology and the response of the market, the policy of international growth and the problematic relations with sector fairs… A question and answer session with Piero Salvini, president of Altech Srl.

Labeling machines - Two in one

SIDEL LABELING has perfected a high speed rotary labeling machine, SL 90, which applies both pressure sensitive and pre-cut labels with cold glue and is launching Rollsleeve, a sleever that shapes, applies and shrinks the sleeves, employing extremely thin film and that utilizes an interesting sealing system, with advantages, first of all, from an economic standpoint.

Close to one of the most beautiful cities of all Italy - Renaissance Mantua, boasting architecture, history and legends like few others in the country - and in the heart of an important industrial district, resides the headquarters of Sidel Labeling. Its roots are nourished by local knowhow: the original Alfa Costruzioni Meccaniche, set up in 1976 and incorporated in Sidel in 2005, was founded here, and here it designed historic machines, some of which (such as the Top Brain and Rollquattro labelers), are still in production today.

June 2010

Labeling machine with RFId module
Bizerba SpA proposes the GLM-P 2S labeler with RFId module for smart labels. Equipped with a pneumatic plate installed on an elastic support, it reaches the desired position through linear units and automatically reflects the surface to be labeled (it is therefore not necessary for the pallet to have perfectly cubical shape or flat surface). The system is thus capable of labeling completely automatically up to three sides of the pallet at a speed of 300 pallets/h...

May 2010

Small size, great technology
The new Krones Vinetta labeler developed specifically for the needs of mid-tier bottlers that bottle relatively small quantities of wine, beer and other beverages. Krones AG (Neutraubling, Germany) will be premiering this new machine at Intervitis interfructa, available in the 4,000 and 8,000 containers/h versions...

April 2010

Scanners with autofocus
With scanning frequencies of up to 1,200 Hz for applications at speeds of up to 6 m/s, the new CLV650 barcode reader by Sick resolves a variety of problems in the field of identification. The CLV6xx series of barcode scanners proposed by Sick provides simple parameters and numerous integration options for networks and fieldbuses...

March 2010

Labels: the added value
Tonutti Tecniche Grafiche, in 60 years of activity, has acquired broad experience in decorating and printing labels. Today it proposes its latest new features for bottling...

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