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A concept truck that looks to the future

Efficient, environmentally friendly and with high safety levels. Doosan’s futuristic view of the forklift - available in a few years - takes on the shape of an intelligent "Concept Truck", created with the help of the latest 3D rapid prototyping technologies

An ingenious design, offering surprising and radically new ideas in design technology: the prototype of the forklift developed by Doosan* wishes to go beyond the boundaries of material handling, while remaining faithful to the philosophy of a manufacturer who has always offered simple, powerful and high performance solutions.

Technology world premiere

A super-specialized builder of secondary packaging systems, Cama Group returns to Interpack with high technology complete lines. Focus on a new cutting-edge solution: a complete packaging line designed for the confectionery sector, the result of joint research with a time-tested partner: SPS Italiana Packaging Systems (PFM group).

Cama participates at Interpack in style: in an exhibition space of more than 800 m2, shared with PFM, it presents complete high-tech lines for side-loading and top-loading packaging solutions.
Particularly suited for the confectionery sector, the high speed automatic line proposed by Cama in its world premiere consists in a loading island, with multiple Delta robots, which feeds an SPS Regola horizontal packaging machine (SPS Italiana Packaging Systems is the PFM group concern which produces automatic lines for packing chocolate bars, snacks and biscuits).

In name of the new

Electric 80 today provides turnkey automated solutions for running end-of-line, warehouse logistics and shipping (integrated by a WMS -warehouse management system). Among the latest products developed, we cite the Dragon robot that, flexible and high speed, has no layer preparation limits. It is suited to all production sectors and for 4th generation CB series LGVs that can work with great accuracy up to a height of 11m in total safety. Devised in 1994 Freeway® was in turn the first totally integrated robotised system for palletisation and handling on the ground using laser guided vehicles, complete with a labeling, product traceability and monitoring system via PC.

«Over the last few years, the turnover of Electric 80 has increased by double digits. And figures do not lie: not only did we close 2010 with a turnover of 71 million euro, but we have already entirely clinched that for 2011 (95 million euro).

Pitching in and playing the stakes

Cama is growing, and growing well. It shows in the data and balance sheet of this private concern, which can boast a “family heart”, while its managers, depots and suppliers represent important parts of a well-oiled machine.

Daniele and Annalisa Bellante are a pair of second-generation business owners: enthusiastic, tenacious and capable, they have made a fortune of their inheritance (the ideas of a brilliant father who was perhaps ahead of his time), while at the same time breaking some of the rules. And, never taking anything for granted, they have led Cama’s growth, consolidating it in terms of technology and finances in addition to scale.

Mobile identification

Latteria Montello (producer of fresh Nonno Nanni cheese) has adopted a system of “Mobile” automation for the identification and retracing of materials supplied by Altevie Technologies*. It has thus been able to more effectively manage all the production packaging phases, tracing the materials involved in the various company processes, up to delivery to the customer.

The system devised by Altevie Technologies is based on the use of barcodes and wireless technologies with RFId (PDA type) terminal interfaced with SAP. Thanks to the implementation of this solution, Latteria Montello has been able to optimise the packaging and picking phases, at the same time speeding up storage operations. This is how.

Fast (and flexible) handling

FURTHER IMPROVEMENTS Tiesse Robot satisfactorily concluded its recent open house, held September 23rd to 25th to present the latest proposals from its represented companies Kawasaki and Toshiba Scara. And it is relaunching growth projects worldwide.

After the international storm, which certainly did not spare the industrial automation sector, a clear recovery finally seems to have set in. This is the sensation that permeates Tiesse Robot (Visano, BS), confirmed by the interest shown by the operators for the latest in robots (Kawasaki Rs series and Toshiba Scara) and controllers (Type E for Kawasaki and the Toshiba Scara Ts3000 for high-speed handling), as presented during the open house at the end of September. The company, which has never stopped investing in innovation and research despite the difficult economic climate of recent years, thus introduces a series of proposals to the Italian market aimed at meeting the fast handling needs also in packaging and low cost compact palletising. At the same time – the company top management declares – the will to look to the future and plan a new start on an international scale is back, «aboveall in South America where, according to estimates, we will close 2010 with orders for a total of 4 million euro».

Experts RRP

From Cama Group new solutions for Retail Ready Packaging (RRP), which is also enjoying a lot of interest on the US market. And again ... proposals tailored to the bakery and confectionery sectors at Emballage in Paris, where Cama has strengthened its partnership with the PFM Group.

The definition of new business strategies - with the recent opening of Cama USA Inc. in Paramus New Jersey - as well as participation in PackExpo in Chicago: these the American commitments that Cama Group has tackled with the usual determination and foresight.
In particular it brought two packaging lines to PackExpo: two packaging lines: the innovative extremely compact Monoblock Loading Unit and the display-box and wrap-around Case Packer for RRP solutions.
With over 30 years’ experience in case packing applications, the Cama innovative solutions for RRP (retail-ready packaging) are amongst a wide range of successful machines, which have been developed over the years. The combination of high performance and excellent reliability makes it extremely suitable for integration into complete production lines for food and non-food applications.

Palletization, etc...

Tiesse Robot distributes Kawasaki and Scara Toshiba robots in Italy.
The latest product updates for packaging, palletization and quick handling operations.

Established in the sector of packaging and palletization with solutions ranging from carton handling to bottling lines, Kawasaki (distributed in Italy by Tiesse Robot) proposes robots with capacities from 3 to 700 kg, with middle ranges of 130-250 kg to meet even the most disparate industrial automation requirements. All models are managed by the new Kawasaki E series controller with external expansion, which manages up to 14 axes and operates at a speed as much as 18 times greater than previous models; it supports single and double conveyor tracking and is equipped with a multifunction panel for programming with LCD touchscreen, 8 Megabyte memory to store up to 80 thousand program steps, online “Help” and double Ethernet port.

July - August 2010

Corrugated cardboard
Looking to the future
PROPOSALS A cardboard pallet and a cable reel with innovative features that are interesting from an economic standpoint. But also a bag-in-box, a display-pack and an octabin revisited in such a way as to guarantee practicality and quality.


June 2010

Engineering all round
Pulsar Industry reviews a “difficult” period, that has involved the Italian Country System seen overall. And, going slightly against the trend in most cases, has chalked up positive and encouraging results: indeed its economic figures are on the up but, aboveall, it has registered an increase in number of customers...

May 2010

Packaging and weighing
New-Ma Srl, that has been operating in the packaging sector for around 25 years, can create packaging machines, (vertical, rotary horizontal, transfer and intermittent), weighing and dosing lines and lines and modules for counting and packing kit (in the photo a kit packing line with up to 24 count modules)..

April 2010

Casepacking and bundling machines
Baumer has presented new models of wrap around casepackers and bundling machines, which have had innovations added to facilitate the packaging process.
An example is the control panel that, thanks to its simple and intuitive graphic interface, facilitates the format change, machine diagnostics and analysis of productivity...

March 2010

The automatic Presto machines supplied by L.I.T.A (Poirino, TO) are recommended for the palletisation of products packed at low feed level...

January - February 2010

Easy transport
Where simple meets ingenious: Denipro AG presents deniroll®, a curve support that, thanks to new rolling elements, enables modular chains to no longer negotiate curves by sliding along them, but rather by rolling. The advantages? Reduced friction, wear and energy requirements

November - December 2009

Sustainable logistics
The economic and environmental benefits deriving from the use of pallet pooling in the supply chain. Some examples from Chep.

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