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X-ray inspection evolves

Safety standards at maximum level with Xpert, the lastest generation of x-ray inspection systems devised by Thermo Fisher Scientific, that encounters the needs of food producers, of largescale retail distribution and… of the consumers.

Officially available from July Xpert™ C400 is the first model in a line of next-generation x-ray systems for contaminant detection and product inspection. Result of  development by Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc, world leader “at the service of science”, the device combines very high sensitivity with industry-leading durability. At the same time Xpert™ C400 lowers the total cost of ownership for x-ray detection, all to the advantage of the end user.

Masterfully glued

Thanks to Robatech’s hotmelt adhesive dispensing system, and food trays and plateaus for fresh produce are made respecting the production needs and the times of segments that demand the utmost efficiency.

The systems that produce crates for transporting food and fresh produce have to guarantee max productivity and reliability; the highly seasonal nature, that characterises the fresh produce segment, does not in fact allow for machine stops.

Three in one

How to combine a marking and vision system with weight control, optimizing online space. Thermo Scientific has come up with an integrated solution that provides all the functions in one machine.

While considering that the pharmaceutical industry is enjoying an intense and constant development, it must also deal with complex issues, primarily related to quality and product safety, and not least counterfeiting.
Pharmaceutical companies are hence called upon to adopt advanced tools - what is more already available - to ensure the originality of medicines, in view ro satisfying consumers. Track&trace naturally falls within this area, since each pharmaceutical pack (ideally each unit dispensed) can be identified with a unique code used to trace its origin from the factory up to prescription. Already the rule of law in many countries, the principle is finding widespread application and makes use of the GS1 code as a standard of global and unambiguous identification.

Laser diecutting: new feature

Dedicated to the latest version of Label Master - a new digital die cutting and finishing system for the production of labels and packaging - the first open house of Sei Laser Converting (Curno, BG) took place 27th and 28th January at the new Sei Laser Group demo facilities. Inaugurated for the occasion and featuring over 500 square meters dedicated to the company’s cutting and laser marking systems,

The right recipe

The main ingredient is technology - that continues to be “produced” in-house at the right price - mixed with good doses of industrial creativity, cooperation with suppliers and good marketing.

After having revolutionised the heatshrink packaging sector introducing in 1976 the compact bell shaped machine, Minipack Torre has innovated a lot over the years and today «just for once… has copied the Chinese».
This is now company manager Maurizio Barbanti, starts out, with an intriguing (and somewhat shrewd) quip, to then return to the rigorous approach that guided the Dalmine (BG) based company through the darkest moments of the crisis.

Reliable and easy to use

Optimum trays for market garden produce, thanks to Robatech’s hotmelt adhesive dispensing systems.

The systems that produce crates for transporting market garden produce have to guarantee max productivity and reliability; the highly seasonal nature of the sector does not in fact allow for machine stops.
The hotmelt adhesive dispensing systems of the Swiss multinational Robatech AG (Robatech Italia, Cesena, FC for Italy) on this count provides the right answers and solutions for gluing trays, both in cardboard and in plastic materials.
These are systems that are particularly appreciated and reliable that have defined a market standard, the reliability of which is among other things guaranteed by an efficient assistance service (the Robatech network is worldwide: over 60 contact points spread over 50 countries). Regarding every new system supplied in this field (now comprising several thousands of functions with hundreds of customers all around the world) Robatech underlines the high compatibility with models of the preceding series, both in terms of spare parts as well as graphic interface with which the operator manages the work parameters.

Safety functions

Mosaic (Modular Safety Integrated Controller) is the new modular and confi-gurable safety controller proposed by ReeR, concentrates the management of safety functions of a machine or installation in one device.

Mosaic comprises a main M1 unit, configurable via MSD (Mosaic Safety Designer) interface, and by several expansions, that can be connected to M1 via the MSC proprietary bus.
The M1 master unit, also usable as a stand-alone, has 8 safety inputs and 2 dual solid state and programmable channel outputs. I/O MI802, input MI8 and MI16, output M02 and M04 expansion units are available, as well as the relay output safety modules MR2 and MR4 and modules for diagnostic connection to the main automation buses: MBP (Profibus), MBC (CanOpen), MBD (DeviceNet).

The advantages of modularity

Modular aluminium sections and structures, designed to reduce “hidden costs” and facilitate assembly, maintenance and any future extension operations. Proposed by the Marches based concern C.T.A.

Aluminium sections constitute an economic and flexible system for creating structures of various natures for different applications. If correctly designed and assembled, they avoid the problems for the preparation of details to be welded, misshaping, clean welding, stabilisation of bases, mechanical processing and lacquering. But not only that: the savings derived from the same multiply if the builder fields the principles of modularity, that enable the devising of tailor made solutions that are modifiable at any time. For these good reasons C.T.A. Srl (Civitanova Marche, MC) has developed a broad range of solutions where elements can be added or removed without intervening with welding or other tools, when the frame is finished or even when the machine is up and running. As well as that the components eliminated can be reused for new jobs. This is by other things shown by AluAir: a system fielded by the Marches based concern for solving the problems of the distribution of fluids.

June 2010

Even safer switches
The new series of HP hinge safety switches by Pizzato Elettrica (Marostica, VI) combines maximum safety and innovative design in a single product...

May 2010

Parteco Srl
The Lissone concern - which produces modular false ceilings and moveable walls for controlled environments - has developed a proprietary software based on Autocad that enables the customer to have a more realistic idea of how the environment will be developed from the first phases of design...

Rotork Fluid Systems Srl

April 2010

Explosion safety
Fike - US company with over 60 years of experience in the field of protecting people and installations from damage from fire, explosions and overpressure - offers several solutions to respond to the growing need for safety in a host of production sectors...

March 2010

Regulatable cam levers
From the principle of the cam lever, Elesa has developed a new product that, thanks to a special knurled ferrule assembled at the base of the tightening mechanism, not only enables a regulating of the force applied to the lever, thus always obtaining a successful tightening, but also allows the orientation of the lever in the desired position...

January - February 2010

Ideas take shape
TAILOR MADE PROFILES 35 years of activity in the industrial automation sector and a specific knowhow built up on the mechanical engineering segment; these the credentials of RTC Srl that today proposes original solutions in assembling profiles: for example the BOXline range enables mixed anchoring of aluminium/steel.

November/December 2009

Hinged safety switches
Safety and style in a single project: this is how the Palladio line by Pizzato Elettrica (Marostica, VI) is proposed and where the switch has been completely integrated in the mechanical hinge, thus guaranteeing greater safety...

October 2009

Hidden gains
Modular aluminium sections and structures, designed to reduce “hidden costs” and facilitate assembly, maintenance and any future extension operations. Proposed by C.T.A.

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