An alternative aerosol

ECO-FRIENDLY A new, VOC-free air dispenser system; a series of reusable heads for continuous spray or with pre-defined doses; a container with integrated tank, completely plastic, effective and easy to dispose of. The “third way” by Afa Dispensing, an alternative to trigger and aerosol systems.

Interpack, an ideal platform for launching innovations, hosted the conference that debuted Flairosol (photos 1-4): an ecological air dispenser system that uses no gas propellents, and is therefore VOC-free, which can be used for a variety of chemical, detergency, industrial and personal care products...

More FBB at Simpele

M-real adjusts to the demands of the market and announces that on 1st June last it terminated the expansion of the production capacity of its Simpele papermill, which produces folding boxboard.

To meet the increased demand for virgin fibre in the food and pharmaceuticals industry, M-real has adapted and empowered the capacities of its sites, starting from M-real Simpele, already considered the most efficient European mill in the production of folding boxboard. The 26 million euro invested in Simpele ensures a sizeable quantitative leap: capacity increases by 40 thousand to 230 thousand t/year, with a sheeting capacity that increases by 40 thousand to 230 thousand t/year.

A powerhouse of machinery and ideas

Gerhardt Schubert came in person to illustrate the most advanced solutions developed by his concern at interpack: from fully-automatic tool changing on a TLM packaging machine to the concern’s new picker line, to a packaging installation for cartons, to packaging and transport robots…

The many functioning machines at the Schubert stand put on a good show, a testament to state-of-the-art technology, precision and… passion to be shared with packaging sector operators.

Appealing to the senses

Fusion is the next generation of top liner for corrugated cardboard, developed by Sappi and made with 100% bleached virgin fibers. Main features: its high quality and brilliance that provide a vivid print, with particularly lively colors and contrasts. To let the image speak out and stimulate the consumer’s senses.

Ham and mozzarella, grilled vegetables or half-and-half? When it comes to ordering a pizza, the choice is virtually unlimited and the final decision depends mainly on our inclination and the company we are in. But what really tips the balance? A glance at the plate nearby, the clatter of cutlery and the smell of pizza that is spreading around us... or photos of the menu, that make your mouth water? All together probably, and to make the picture even more "powerful” Sappi has created Fusion, a new generation of top liner for packaging and converting, designed to "let the image speak out" and to stimulate the consumer’s senses. Its visual spectrum makes the number of its applications virtually unlimited, as shown in the selection of laminated and corrugated, neutral and printed samples, finished with various types of coatings offered by Sappi for the pizza box that serves as a promotional kit.

Appealing to the senses

Fusion is the next generation of top liner for corrugated cardboard, developed by Sappi and made with 100% bleached virgin fibers. Main features: its high quality and brilliance that provide a vivid print, with particularly lively colors and contrasts. To let the image speak out and stimulate the consumer’s senses.

June 2010

Betti Srl
Founded in 1955 as a manufacturer of cartoning machines for short pasta and rice, Betti of Faenza (RA) has, over the years, expanded its selection to all products that can be packaged in cartons and jars with vertical filling. Along with a vast range of cartoning machines, the concern makes systems for automated end-of-line packaging, prototypes and dedicated automation...

May 2010

Ultra thin shrink film
Sealed Air (Italian branch in Passirana di Rho, MI) - specialized in the production of polyolefin shrink films for industrial and consumer applications - has put on the market Cryovac® CT-301, a patented shrink film, ultra thin and high performance. It is based on a new Sealed Air technology that for the first time enables the cutting of the thickness of this type of film in half...

March 2010

High performance biodegradable
BASF is now offering a new biodegradable plastic that has joined the existing Ecovio® product line, developed for two specific applications: Ecovio FS Paper (for coating paper) and Ecovio FS Shrink Film (for manufacturing so-called shrink films for wrapping palletised loads)...

January - February 2010

Patented manual packaging
The machines FC and RP represent the latest patented proposals from Minipack-Torre for manual dome-shaped packaging solutions. Compact, easy to use and reliable, they are the result of years of research and development by the concern based in Dalmine (BG)...

November - December 2009

Sealing plastic bags in tins or boxes
Cibra (Cernusco sul Naviglio, MI) presents the IND sealer, fitted on a structure that allows to  seal heavy duty bags in any situation. IND is particularly suitable for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as it can seal bulky or heavy bags, even placed inside tins or boxes, with a double ribbon impulse seal...

July 2009

Bagging well  
Thanks to a partnership with the Gruppo Deles (Uboldo, VA), producer at world level of bagging systems in APS bags, enters fully onto the Italian market. To seal the agreement, during Ipack-Ima, Deles officially presented the AB180 Onestep of its Autobag range, a bagging machine that uses bag-on-roll for a rapid set-up, quick roll change and a production that touches 80 bags a minute.

June 2009

Cast technology
Founded in 1996 to satisfy a growing demand for cast technology in polypropylene films, B-Pack Due SpA (Campiglia Marittima, LI) now has state-of-the-art machinery for an annual production of 27,000 t, constantly aided by a latest generation raw materials handling and mixing system, with the support of a 32 silo double cell battery - for a storage capacity of 1,600 t of raw materials.

May 2009

Plastic performance
Advanced aesthetics, excellent organoleptics, faster production, minimal energy consumption and lightness: these are just a few of the features of the materials that Borealis presented at Plast 2009 for the production of film or printing of packaging.

March 2009

Papers and paperboards
With an output of 1,200,000 t/year M-Real. (Metsaliitto Group) is one of the biggest European producers of paper and paperboards for packaging. Having obtained all the main quality certifications (ISO 9001, ISO 14000, ISO 22000, PEFC Chain of Custody), M-Real has also published its Paper Profile (important product environmental certification document) and can provide its customers with its Carbon footprint documentation calculating its CO2. emissions.

January/February 2009

Metal coating
Impreglon has always wagered on all-round quality and stresses the added value of fluoropolymer coatings which are non stick, anticorrosive, smooth-sliding…They now introduce a further innovation.

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