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Lucio Perna

(June 2010)

Lucio Perna was born at Palmi in Calabria. He moved to Milan at the end of the sixties and soon entered into contact with the Milanese artistic world. He took his degree in law at the Università Statale and, at the same time attended courses on figure drawing and color technique.

Lorenzo Pietrogrande

(May 2010)
Lorenzo Pietrogrande, born in Venice, studied at the Brera Academy of Milan, city where he lives and works. His training was influenced by his passion for Expressionism, which has led to his preference for speedy, decisive brushstrokes. He has dedicated much time to the subject of the human figure, featuring close-ups, where the dramatic nature is expressed in the dynamism of the folds of the clothing.

Eugenio Carmi

(Aprile 2010)

Eugenio Carmi was born in Genoa in 1920 and studied at Turin under the guidance of Felice Casorati. Responsible for Italsider’s corporate image from 1958 to 1965, in 1966 he took part at the Venice Biennale and in 1967 presented electronic works at the Superlund exhibition, curated by Pierre Restany at Lund, Sweden.

Francesca Magro

(March 2010)

For several years now the work of Francesca Magro (Bergamo, 1958) has concentrated on the theme of the body. After her first experiences within new figuration, where the figure, as seen in her work, had a plastic sense, that probably came from her sculpture studies at the Brera Art Academy, the artist dwelled for long on the problems of abstraction.

Gianfranco Testagrossa

(January/February 2010)

Gianfranco Testagrossa was born in Milan July 3rd 1948; a self-taught painter, sculptor, graphic artist, he has been painting since 1960. Testagrossa’s engraved fresco work came into being in 1972.

Samuele Polacco Paolucci

Samuele Polacco Paolucci is a young painter, born in 1971 in Milan to a family originating from the Venice Ghetto. After successfully completing art high school he studied and worked at the Brera Art Academy, Milan.

Having lived in Rome, Paris, New York Paolucci has worked at La Scala, Milan as a props man and assistant stage designer.

Stefano Mosna

(October 2009)

Stefano Mosna was born on November 14th, 1959, in Milan, where he lives and works. After graduating from a liceo scientifico and the Faculty of Agriculture, he became a professional photographer in 1989, specializing in still lifes and food photography.

Raffaele Cioffi

(September 2009)

Raffaele Cioffi was born in 1971 in Desio (MI), where he graduated from the Liceo Artistico “Papa Ratti” and first discovered an interest in painting, going on to attend the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan, where he would focus his artistic program.

Sanja Milenkovic

(July 2009)

Sanja Milenkovic was born in 1983 in Serbia. From 2002 to 2006 she attended the Brera Art Academy, Milan, subsequently taking her specialisation in Visual Arts. She lives and works in Milan.

Michele Cannaò

(June 2009)

Michele Cannaò set out on his interdisciplinary adventure in the early 1980’s with figurative arts and theatre, beginning with work dedicated to bullfighting, which later resulted in the theatrical piece “Grandiosa Corrida” and the Taurophigìa cycle of paintings and graphic works.

Andrea Mazzola

(May 2009)

Andrea Mazzola, born Bollate (MI) in 1980, lives in Parma. Awarded the Certificate of Master of Arts in 1997 at the Art Lyceum “Paolo Toschi”, Parma, in the year 2000 he was awarded the Diploma in Architectural Drawing at the same institute.The artist has a series of personal and collective shows to his credit, the object of flattering reviews.

Bernhard Jäger

(April 2009)

Bernhard Jäger was born in Munich in 1935 and now lives in Frankfurt am Main. He took a degree in Biology in 1957, attending the Offenbach Am Main Werkkunstschule (School of Arts and Crafts), further honing his artistic skills.

Raffaella Formenti

(March 2009)

Raffaella Formenti (Brescia 1955), with a degree from the Brera Art Academy, Milan, has worked for a long time on communication reduced down to visual noise, assembling images and words from advertising communication. In her works she uses materials deriving from the great amount of IT products available, turning them with a uncommon deftness of hand into colored collages, sculptures or true and proper installations.

Tommaso De Falco

(January-February 2009)

Tommaso De Falco was born at Torre Annunziata (NA) in 1965.After taking his art degree, a series of work experiences introduced him to the world of advertising agencies, where he worked as art director.

Anne-Catherine Charbonnier

(November-December 2008)

Anne-Catherine Charbonnier was born in Paris in 1957. With an academic training (diploma in design, Académie Julian Beaux-Arts), she then tackled the study of Korean painting with Ung-No Lee at the Academy of Oriental Painting, Paris extending her interest to photography and video. Today she teaches the art of printing at the Petit Palais - Musée des Beaux Arts, Paris.

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