We are what we eat

Let’s speak of food, for the mind as well. Something that is a condition of subsistence but also a joy to the palate, something that engenders fond memories but that is equally worth craving after.

An evening of talent

There is still a lot of sentiment around, at least in our world of doing things. Emotional participation, involvement, lucidity, the pleasure of going beyond while also overcoming personal interests… Rare material, and perhaps for that reason all the more precious.

Rerum vulgarium fragmenta Compositional fragments in the vernacular

Fragments of a summer that is now
behind us…
I return to the “Canzoniere” by Francesco Petrarca, and to start up again fully, I do not hurriedly cast aside my vestment of non commitment; rather I prefer to dwell on experiences that would appear distant, albeit seemingly vivid in the light of what is occurring around us.

What Italy fails to do, is done by the Italians*

Everything starts off again from Interpack, that is as obvious and inevitable as ever.

It is time to take stock of what has happened (the recession is by now behind us) as to what was done to stave off the same, to what the future holds for us, and not only from a technological point of view.

On with faith

The Italian instrumental mechanical engineering concerns are optimistic about the future, and confirm their traditional capacity to differentiate their offer in terms of main markets while they declare stability and good prospects regarding employment.


Vietri chronicles (second instalment)*

When you speak of enterprise you end up by more or less “voluntarily” throwing light on the cultural and value deficit that characterises the running of the public “thing”.
This happened recently at Capri, when Confindustria president Emma Marcegaglia, at the convention of young entrepreneurs, launched a specific warning to politics: «there is a strong feeling of having lost ones way in our country, there is a lack of faith. One needs to go back to finding the sense behind institutions along with the sense of dignity. Parliament no longer functions the way it should, we are still awaiting the appointment of the president of the Consob. We are in a state of paralysis».

A puff of white smoke

Here we are not dealing with the election of the pope, but the appointment of the new top management of Ucima (Italian automatic packaging and wrapping machine builders’ union), and - a personal note - an unfortunate mechanical breakdown that prevented me from reaching Bologna to take part in the Assembly proceedings. Hence on September 24th I was not present at Villa Cicogna, but as a person who is required to be informed of the facts and by virtue of my long "militancy", I will attempt to give a first reading of the events.

The values at the centre of corporate enterprise

Back to the future. After striving to straddle the wave of a growth that seemed endless, industry is having to face up to a market that is becoming evermore severe and selective and that not only requires quantity (even though of quality), but products that make the difference and that offer added value in terms of uniqueness. Hence concerns are compelled to rediscover the usefulness of also producing and selling, along with what they do, a system of values, indispensable tool for a good internal work organization and a competitive factor that makes them stand out from the competition. Something that might seem to hark back to the previous century, but that is to be declined considering the complexity of the present and that has little to do with pure and simple nostalgic evocations.

Talking people (Beware of those who remain silent!)

(June 2010)

Change at the top of the Istituto Italiano Imballaggio in the name of continuity. In occasion of the general assembly held in Milan May 25th, after four years as president, Vermondo Busnelli, who proudly leaves behind a balance of full achievement, hands over to Angelo Gerosa.

April 29th

(May 2010)

This morning once again the front pages of the newspapers deal with the Greek crisis and, more generally, with the speculative attacks on the euro. The big Wall Street banks, heedless of the investigations started up against them by the US Congress, the Sec and the Federal Reserve, are fanning the fire of euro-panic, the economists - from Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase - are reeling off terrifying figures: 45 billion euro for saving Greece, 600 billion euro to stop the contagion of other Mediterranean countries.

Next stop: no change

(April 2010)

True to ourselves, we immediately reassert what we deem our right/duty: that of “spreading culture”… sector culture to be true, but culture all the same. And with this we stand up to a banalisation of a present that appears to reward superficiality, improvisation, sloppiness. An awareness, ours, that is not a rejection of the new but a desire to propose information that gives a critical reading of change - changes in behaviour, of technological means, of the market - thus standing up to an all-pervading, dangerous, rampant conformism.


(March 2010)

In some far-off region of the world, persons of whom we know neither face nor name cast the dice, and we end up finding ourselves in our underwear. We seem to have gone back in time, to the years in which we battled, with vitalistic, heedless enthusiasm, to assert our right to have at least a bit of culture, of ability of affluence and wellbeing.

Respectful communication

(January / February 2010)

Well then… A new year. Renewed and heartfelt best wishes to all… For a new year better than the old one, for the new projects to be thought up, for the new reasons for hope, for the new things we seek and desire. The holidays being over, spent in the atmosphere of a tradition of “divine” goodness, we have to get back to speaking of choices, capacities and responsibility.

The perfect understanding


“A perfect understanding” were the very words used by Ucima President Giovanni Caffarelli and the President of Rimini Fiera SpA Lorenzo Cagnoni in presenting the new packaging and processing technology fair Packology, scheduled at Rimini from 8th to 11th June 2010.

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