Sharing is winning

(October 2009)

At last a good piece of news. At last a good example, in the trade fair field, of intelligently devised cooperation, of the integration of skills, the sharing of interests, to demonstrate that if we put our minds to it we too in Italy can play as a team.

Holiday homework

(September 2009)

Another summer is over and here we are… starting up again. We could say that it is right and well (unless you won the 150 millions on the SuperEnalotto).

Don Giovanni

(July 2009)

There are figures in our history that enable us to understand the special destiny of myths that continue to prosper. People who, like Don Giovanni, end up by mistaking the measure of projects that are too ambitious and that tumble into a squalor colored by perversity and cynicism.

A question of sentiments

(June 2009)

Hardly a day goes by without reading of a downward adjustment to the forecasts on economic growth, while the date of the awaited recovery is being set ever further off. And yet the turning point has already been reached, at least from a psychological point of view. Astra Ricerche Head Enrico Finzi, interviewed at the recent Gifco (Assografici) annual assembly is convinced of this.

The words of reality

(May 2009)

In occasion of the 2009 Packaging Oscar awards ceremony, that was held during Ipack-Ima, we also presented “LE PAROLE DEL PACKAGING”, a carefully pondered glossary of terms used by the Italian packaging system.

Vae soli!

(April 2009)

But a few words, in particular in times when too much is said and heard…

1) Figures, forecasts and comments on the current economic situation have been so plentiful such as to generate contradictory and redundant information, to the point of arousing dismay, mistrust and indifference - in that order - in many. 

InForm as a game

(March 2009)

One reads in the papers “Never so low since ‘87”, ”Never so poor since ‘75”. But over and above all the words written and uttered, the perception of what is happening is anything but shared: what does the worker who has lost his job, and who has a hard time making ends meet, have to do with the rich man who, not even for the sake of “expediency”, puts off purchasing the latest custom-built car?

Question and answer (from the expert)

(January - February 2009)

Dear readers
I have received a note from an acknowledged sector entrepreneur (or rather entrepreneuse: communication thy name is woman!) a letter that challenges us to provide useful, clear and honest information on many matters concerning the Italian used packaging recovery and disposal network.
To be precise, the said letter contains a number of questions sufficient to start up a full enquiry on the institutions, the technologies and policies of recycling in Italy.

Viva L’Italia (Long live Italy)

(November - December 2008)

«Viva l’Italia, Italy liberated
the Italy of waltzes, the Italy of cafés.
Italy robbed and struck to the heart,
viva l’Italia, Italy that does not die.

It’s not just rubbish… but is anyone aware of the fact?

(October 2008)

Just to demonstrate we are not under the habit of playing the innocent and hiding the hand that has thrown the stone, the provocation launched from the columns of this magazine has already produced the first, hoped-for reactions. This August we openly posed the question as to whether the end consumer and the world of the mass media had or didn’t have a correct and perfectly focussed picture of the packaging community: is the packaging industry, seen all told, attuned or unattuned to the precepts of sustainable development? Does packaging today stand as an advantage or does it only constitute a disposal cost? And again, does it fulfil the basic task of informing the consumer or does it simply “code” legislative obligations? Does it anticipate or stand outside the models of consumption?

I work safe

(September 2008)

Along with another 949 specialised publications and periodicals that are ANES associates, ItaliaImballaggio  also adheres to the safety at work campaign implemented by Fondazione Pubblicità Progresso, the Italian Foundation for socially aware advertising, under the high patronage of the Presidency of the Italian Republic and sponsored by the Italian Prime Minister. The institutional campaign involves all means of communication, from newsprint to radio, TV and the web.The importance of the use of safety equipment is underscored by the headline “A friend gets it in your place”.The precautions for limiting the consequences of accidents at work exist: let’s apply them. All of them.

The right packaging

(July-August 2008)

It is time to react, and this despite the heat and the consoling thoughts of holidays.
One has to reconsider the current “misleading” vision of packaging, built up, somewhat short-sightedly, to give dignity and value to the same - and to all those that design, produce, use and write about packaging - to clearly state in full honesty, that packaging is first and foremost a tool for guaranteeing consumer safety: in terms of product hygiene (be we considering the food, pharmaceutical or cosmetics sectors), information (useful for preservation and use), origin (who has done what and where).

Our interpack (II)

(June 2008)

Interpack leaves impressions upon people that run deeper than can be immediately gauged. A unique event it in fact is not only a formidable and chaotic packaging and machine show, but testbed on which every three years the mettle of men and companies is measured. When it comes down to it, for the world of packaging it is the great fair of sentiments.
Enthusiasms and fears, boldness and uncertainties, joys and restraints, give an immediate rating - almost cruelly so - of the value of the protagonists in the field, the heterogeneous and complex nature of this world rushing on at full tilt.

Our interpack

(May 2008)

The situation is desperate but not serious, as we might say. This is how one could sum up the overall picture offered by the unflagging, one-and-only, legendary Düsseldorf fair in a phrase. We humbly, lucidly and lightly confess that we have never found this world of packaging so well represented, so fascinating, so amazing, vital and contradictory as we did at interpack.

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